2 to 24 optical fibers, 900μm PVC tight buffer, stranded together with water-swellable aramid yarn reinforcing, flame retardant PVC
jacket for indoor and outdoor applications - Riser rated.
Suitable Applications High degree of flexibility suitable for backbone, horizontal, inner- and inter-building installations; Excellent flame retardant performance for indoor application;
Water-swellable aramid yarn and black UV resistant jacket design for outdoor application.
Fiber Type:            125/900 Micron
Number of Fibers:  2 to 24
Tight Buffer Color Code Chart:
Number Color
1 White
2 Blue
3 Orange
4 Green
5 Brown
6 Grey
7 Red
8 Light blue
9 Yellow
10 Violet
11 Pink
12 Aqua
The second set of 12 fibers with black rings is separated from the first set of 12.
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