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Sơn Xịt Chống Cháy và Cách Âm

 A high quality acrylic latex coating designed for sealing through-penetrations (such as pipes, conduits, cabling, busways and openings) and membrane penetrations (such as p-traps and outlet boxes) in smoke resistant walls.
Thông Tin Sản Phẩm

SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N&; Sound spray is a high quality acrylic latex spray designed for static or minimally dynamic linear joints or gaps.

SpecSeal Smoke ‘N&; Sound spray is formulated to adhere to all common construction surfaces and may be applied using airless spray equipment or with a brush (for small applications and
touch ups).


Ứng Dụng Của Sản Phẩm



+ Smoke Control: Where stopping the passage of smoke is necessary such as in smoke partition walls



    + Noise Control: Where reducing the transmission of sound through wall openings is necessary to help ensure occupant privacy and peaceful environment



    + Infectious/Dust Control: Where reducing the transmission of dust and other airborne particulates through wall openings is necessary

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Keo Bịt Chống Khói và Cách Âm
EZ-Path® Smoke and Acoustical Device