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AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester for Android™

Thiết kế mạng Wi-Fi của bản để sẵn sàng cho BYOD bằng khả năng đo kiểm tra được trải nghiệm thực tế của người dùng trên các thiết bị thông minh (smart phone, tab,...).

Do you want to know what devices are running in your environment? AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester provides a complete overview of the Wi-Fi networks, APs and channels.

Networks: Coverage problems and overloaded networks can be detected by viewing a list of the following data for all wireless networks:

  • SSID
  • Signal
  • Frequency Band
  • Number of Aps

Channels: Overloaded channels and non-standard channel use violations can be detected by visualizing the following information for each channel:

  • Signal (dBm)
  • Number of APs

Access Points: AP and Rogue APs can be detected by viewing a list of all APs:

  • MAC address
  • SSID
  • Signal Strength(dBm)
  • Security (Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2)
  • Channel
  • Frequency

Do you need to confidently validate your network connection and performance to prevent costly rework and escalations? With AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester, power yourself with a quick and comprehensive pass/fail assessment of your network for connectivity and user applications.
End-to-end network connectivity testing
  • DNS
  • Ping
  • Trace
Application Performance Testing
  • FTP Download
  • HTTP Download
  • Online Video
  • Online Audio
  • Web Browsing

Do you want to validate your network&;s readiness for a BYOD deployment or quickly collect site survey data using a lightweight and portable device? Design & deploy your Wi-Fi network to be BYOD-ready by performing “true” end-user experience (signal and throughput) based site surveys with AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester.

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